Dew Tour Shop Showdown, presented by Transworld SKATEboarding

For the first time ever, TransWorld SKATEboarding and Dew Tour are teaming up to host a Shop Showdown video contest on to find the best shop team in the country. We invited 16 skate shops to create a 3-minute video edit in the span of one month featuring their best shop riders to be judged on creativity, flow, and skill. With no pro involvement, this contest is a prodigious way to shine some light on the underdogs who constantly put in work for their local shops. All 16 videos will be posted here and bracketed against each other until the final two videos are determined through a blend of audience voting and expert analysis by the TWS edit staff and the Mountain Dew skate team. The final two teams will be flown to Los Angeles, California, to attend the Dew Tour on August 13th where the final 2 videos will be streamed through the Dew Tour Live webcast. We’ll be inviting viewers to cast their final votes on August 13th and 14th during the live stream. The winning shop will be announced at Dew Tour during the live stream on Sunday, August 16th.




BIO: 303 Boards started in 1997 as a small retail skateboard shop in Arvada Colorado. Ten years after its inception, and 10 plus local skate video productions later, 303 Boards moved its doors to a retail spot on Colfax in Denver. 303 CLFX has become a cornerstone within the skateboard community both locally and globally. We are currently expanding the retail location in Denver by adding an indoor skate bowl for the locals due to this success. Over the years many big names have come out of 303. Names such as David Reyes, Windsor James, Angel Ramirez, and Julian Christianson.

LOCATION: Denver, Colorado
RIDERS: Mike Marks, Spencer Semien, John Herrera, Valen Sabin; Film/Edit: Grant Thomas



BIO: PITCREW has been proud to serve the Maryland skateboarding community since 1994.

LOCATION: Frederick, Maryland
RIDERS: Corey Huber, Caleb Shank, Christian Miller, Scott Lefever, Thomas Gumphries





BIO: Yeah Boardshop has been in business for 7 years in the western suburbs of Chicago. We're skater owned, selling only skateboarding products, and appreciate when customers consciously support the small shops. Our diverse skate team reflects the same beliefs the shop has - we're open to all types of skating. #stylematters

LOCATION: Bartlett, Illinois
RIDERS: CJ Kelly, Marshall Winter, Brad Westcott, Steve Dav, Pat O'Brien, Ari Shiffrin, Tim Ward, Mango, Eric Thomas, Preston Harper, Tim Johnson, Kyle Jigga, TJ Larsen, Kevin Erst, Pat Franklin



BIO: The roots of this endeavor run deep. From the original home front location in Texas to our locations on the West Coast. Rhythm Skateshop is the definition of home grown. Our mission is to spotlight individuals geared towards achieving their dreams through the art of skateboarding. Established in 2007.

LOCATIONS: Grand Prairie, TX | Palms Springs, CA | Tacoma, WA
RIDERS: KeChaud Johnson, Taylor Bray, Dakota Camp, Taylor Jett, Nick Holt, Mikey Whitehouse, Jamarus Wallace, Alex Simeone, Andrew Krajeski, Tanner Mcfarlin, Julius Moreno, Cody Jacobson, Carston Boyer, Sean Saltamachia



BIO: Escapist Skateboarding was founded in May of 2000 and is the first and still only 100% skater owned and operated skateshop in the area. Our mission is to grow the Kansas City Skateboarding Scene in a positive, inclusive and friendly way and bring national and even worldwide attention not only to ourselves but to all the skateboarders who make KC great. We try to shape skateboarding in our own way by carrying the brands we like and support, sponsoring the skaters we are fans of, and hosting events that we ourselves as skaters would like to go to.

LOCATION: Kansas City, Missouri
RIDERS: Josh Crane, Max Chilen, Rod Harper, Dillion Auguilar, Joseph Lopez, and friends; Film/Edit: Richie Wolf



BIO: No-Comply opened at the beginning of 2007 in Austin, Texas. We are a skater owned and operated shop dedicated to providing for and connecting the local skateboard scene with skateboarding.

LOCATION: Austin, Texas
RIDERS: Garrett Young, Jon Erik Palmer, Carter Lewis, Max Taylor, Dylan Roy, Brandon Ziskind, Dharam Khalsa, Grant Jensen, Justin Williamson, Calvin Millar, James Perry, Taylor Musgrove



BIO: Reign Skate Shop is skateboarder owned and operated. We strive to better our skateboard community and provide our customers with the knowledge and service they deserve without the "too cool" attitude you get at a lot of shops these days.

LOCATION: Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania
RIDERS: Shane Colville, John Tuck, Kyle Knoblauch, Joey O’Brien, Adam Hribar



BIO: Slappy’s Garage is a skater owned and operated shop based in San Diego California. Our primary goal is to keep kids out of the corporate owned businesses selling skateboard products and give them a shop to call home. Skateboarding has a rich history and it’s a shops duty to educate kids on those who have laid the groundwork for future generations to build on. Skate for fun, nothing else.

LOCATION: San Diego, California
RIDERS: Kevin Love, J.J. Rice, Alexis Ramirez, Johnny Nye, Woogie, Brandon Lefever, Nick Blanco, Nolan Lively, Beaver, Saul Quintero, Jordan Mourning



BIO: Since 1989, we have been committed to providing Southern California with the best retail experience possible through our many Southern California retail locations. What we started in a small store in Chino, California, through hard work and dedication to our customers, has expanded throughout Southern California. We have taken these same philosophies to our mail order business across the United States.

LOCATION: Southern California
RIDERS: Dylan Williams, Trevor McCune, Alex Valdez



BIO: Stratosphere Skateboards opened its doors in 1986. Since then it has worked to support the Atlanta area skate scene. Stratosphere is 100% skater owned and operated and is one of the oldest family owned skate shops in the country.

LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia
RIDERS: Sam Buxton, Kevin Radley, Troy Cobucci, Elias Kitt, Matt Jordan, Graham Bickerstaff; Filmer/Editors: John Manfredi, Scott Wagner



BIO: In the fall of 2001 KCDC opened its doors to the community of Williamsburg, and its powder keg of a skateboarding scene. In the years that have followed the New York skate scene continued to grow, reaching all sorts of new people. During these years skateboarding has evolved from its counter culture roots into a lifestyle that is accessible to anyone who is interested, and KCDC has evolved with it.

LOCATION: Brooklyn, New York
RIDERS: Eby Ghafarian, Bogdan Dzyurak, Jake Keenan, Walter Santana, Bill Pierce; Filmer: Evan Walsh



BIO: Skateboarder owned and operated since 1988. Doing it simply to do it. "Things aren't that bad, they're just much worse."

LOCATION: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
RIDERS: Max Murphy, Matt Nordness, Nick Mistele, Drew Rickaby, Vince Stranc; Filmer/Editor: Josh Ellis



BIO: Delaware’s finest skate shop.

LOCATION: Wilmington, Delaware
RIDERS: Ronnie Kessner, Mark Del Negro, Giorgio Villone, Anthony Tomasetti, Joey Pyle, Brannon John, John Devine, Josh Feist; Filmer/Editor: Jake Todd



BIO: Skateboarding has been our drug since 1997.

LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada
RIDERS: Destin Watts, Blake Norris, Evon Martinez, Adrian McCoy, Yohei Miyazawa, Josh Baldwin, David Bo, Lance Wilewski, Jason Thurtle, Enzo Cautela



BIO: Nocturnal Skate Shop is located in the beautiful city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Nocturnal was founded by professional skateboarder Kerry Getz in 2000. Kerry built Nocturnal for one reason alone, to take care of Philadelphia skateboarders and to help grow our scene to its fullest potential.

LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
RIDERS: Sean Spellissy, Scott O’Rourke, Toly Bitny, Chris Mathis, Jahmir Brown, Kevin Bilyeu, Nate Cabigting, Colin Keaton, Sam Cardelfe, and Kevin Liedtke. Filmers: Luke Darigan, Mike Bilyeu, Tyler Pakstis, Jake Todd, Matt Steindl, and Brian Panebianco



BIO: A new skate shop in North County San Diego, The House is a home for all skaters in the area. With one store front based in Vista, CA The House aims to keeping skating at its roots and support the brands that support skateboarding as being a life changer instead of a life style. Fully skater owned and fully skater ran, if you ever find yourself in Vista stop by and check us out! #vistastillrips

LOCATION: Vista, California
RIDERS: Taylor Kirby, Nick Pope, Kurt Hodge, Mike Bricke, Rowan Zorilla, Peanut, AJ Zavala, Jon Bricke, Zack Sorenson, Brooks Bushman, Garret Lekas, Jonno Gaitan, Jet Caputo